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Customer Reviews & Stories

THE place to get transmission parts and repairs. Good people and friendly staff.

Justin D.

Conrad's is the only service I have ever used and been completely satisfied. They fix the problem I come in with, point out future service issues and don t create additional problems with sloppy repairs. Also, they are not condescending or patronizing. I'm treated with respect by everyone at their shop. I have 4 vehicles, mostly old and worn and they keep them all running great.


I know the Conrad family who own and operate Conrad Transmissions. Joyce and her daughters are fine Christian women who are honest and fair in their business. I know them to be very knowledgeable on transmissions and you can trust their advice on your transmission needs.


If you need a new transmission for your vehicle then this business will do the right job the first time. They are quick to get the job finished for you and are friendly. You may have to drive a little farther than the larger city but I think it will save you more